A passionate approach to medicine

The purpose of medicine is to heal the body, mind and spirit. But from pharmaceutical companies to even ‘healthy alternatives’, we often take for granted what is in our medicine.

Locally-Sourced, Family Farms

We here at SBJ Bay pride ourselves in working directly with our producers to provide the most natural, healthy medicine available. We do offer vegan, gluten-free, SCD options for some of our edibles. If you have certain dietary requirement please do email us prior to ordering to discuss. Our aim is to bring a new level of awareness to your medicinal experience.

Our Medicine

We make many In-house creations, including organic shatter concentrate, solvent-free rosin concentrate, infused organic coconut oil and a wide variety of specialty edibles. We also create our own signature strains like Wonka’s Bubbilicious, Tazmanian Devil, Baby Poo and others.

Ordering & Delivery


1. Sign-up

Click on our Patient Sign-Up link and get verified.


2. Select your medicine

Order online from our extensive menu. Please note we have $100 minimums on delivery orders.

3. Set-up delivery

Select the best day/time you are available.

Health & Well Being

Medicinal marijuana has been proven to help with the following:
 • Migraines 
• Premenstrual syndrome 
• Seizures 
• Multiple sclerosis
• Glaucoma • Tourette’s syndrome
 • OCD, ADD and AHAD 
• Cancer

Smoke? Is it good for you?
SBJ Bay suggests minimizing the amount of fiber you ingest. Flowers (buds) do contain green fiber and this is why we suggest using water pipes, vaporizers and also incorporating concentrates, edibles and/or topicals into your medicinal regime, if appropriate. This is why we offer all organic shatter concentrates (considered by many the most potent, flavorful and healthiest medicinal cannabis), highly potent edibles made from our custom shatter butter and shatter coconut oil and highly effective topical healing salve. All wonderful healthy ways to get medicinal cannabis into your system. Please see our menu for these various options.