Reviewed 9/17/15 by: MEDICINEMAN

Ultra Premium Quality.

Small batch organic marijuana products. Artisanal approach towards quality and customer service. Working with their delivery schedule and ordering process is well worth it. Cocoa Puffs, Goji Berry, Grapefruit, Chinese Skunkberry are all winners. Shatter has incredible terpene and cannabinoid flavors. I’m a lifer.

Reviewed 7/8/15 by: EVIELBAUM

Quality Care All Around.

The very first thing that stuck out to me about SBJ, was their very well constructed and user-friendly website. As soon as I was verified as a member I felt instantly welcomed! The Menu selection is fabulous, with a wide variety of different goodies. The staff was very helpful in making recommendations for my specific needs and made me feel very comfortable in asking questions. I am very impressed with the level of knowledge and personalized care that SBJ Organics offers. They truly make me feel cared for! 🙂

I recently made my first order and it without a doubt won’t be my last! I am very satisfied with the quality and potency of the strains as well as the great glass labeled jars that the flowers come in.

Keep up the good work SBJ Organics!!


Reviewed 6/20/15 by: MAGICPIE1

Best Dispensary I Have Ordered From.

I have been to dozens of dispensaries since I moved to the bay area, and this one is by far the best I have been to. Some of the best bud I have seen by far, and the people are pleasant to deal with! Definitely recommend the Treasure Chest.

Reviewed 6/16/15 by: JUSTIN REDDEN

A welcome delight!

I like to consider myself a very picky, connoisseur type of person. Whether it is medicinals or wine, food, experiences, etc. I heard about this place from a friend and had a chance to try some of their medicine he had. I was impressed with the pure flavor (soil grown) and organic method so I decided to place an order. They are not IN SF I found out so you may have to wait for delivery, which I did. Alas, when the medicine came I was very happy with the service as everything was in glass jars, the delivery person was very polite and the manager added extra samples for me to try to address my insomnia. I tried the Monster Baby Poo and Strawberry Frost OG Kush. I believe both strains are in house so I had no idea what to expect. The flavor and potency were quite complex and offered 2-3 hour relief. Slept like a baby.
After trying every top shelf dispensary in the bay, including Vapor Room, Sparc, etc.. I will say this stands out as one of my new favorites by far. Very small place so best to place order ahead of time and not 30 min prior. Beyond that I will gladly be back to SBJ!

Reviewed 4/26/15 by: JASONB


Hands down the best delivery service in Cali….i recently bought some clones from them and they were hella cool….and very patient…..Christian even gave me a free sample of some Dirty Harry flowers he had and damn it was fire…..i highly recommend them for all your medicinal needs…..everythings organically grown which gives it that extra flavor and aroma….if your into weed, the way i am, then that should definitely matter when choosing to medicate…thanks again SBJ….i’ll be seeing you again soon …..

Reviewed 3/29/15 by: SABS2014

You can’t NOT like SBJ.

I just got my first delivery from SBJ today. Delivery was prompt and the delivery person was polite and helpful. Their service, packaging, and products are impeccable. You can tell they take great care and pride in the presentation of their products. The flowers came in an awesome, air-tight, glass jar with an SBJ label on it that said what flower it was, effects, what it treats and what it was grow in. The shatters came in tiny glass pots and even had a teeny, tiny piece of wax paper lining the inside and the shatter was gently placed on top of the paper. Christian even added an extra gift along with my order. I have not tried the products yet but I can just tell they will be amazing. The flowers are like works of art, almost too pretty to smoke! Almost 😉

Reviewed 3/28/15 by: SEANC

The only one for me.

I’m from out of state but travel frequently to the Bay Area. I used to visit the brick & mortar dispensaries because I thought I needed to get a look/sniff at the merchandise to make an informed decision. Well, it’s been many years since I’ve waded into one of those places. I started ordering from SBJ three or four years ago and haven’t been anywhere else since.

Why? first and foremost, it’s the quality. Everything on the menu is A+. I’ve had everything from buds to shatters to edibles, and they invariably exceed my expectations.

After that, it’s the customer service. On a recent order of 20 grinspoon caps, Christian made an extra trip out of his way to get me a whole additional batch (gratis!) after he tried one from the batch he originally delivered and found them to be not up to snuff. Truth be told, I found the original batch to be fantastic. BTW, the g’spoon caps offer a long, intense, and wonderful sativa high with zero come down. Forty capsules later I had not built any tolerance to them. Highly recommended.

Finally, it’s the convenience. I’ve discovered that delivery is the way to go for me. I don’t have a car there and it’s easy to coordinate meetups by text, so that I’m never having to wait around somewhere, wasting time, which was one of my early concerns. Also, I look back on many of those visits to the dispensaries and it was really hit or miss. Some are kinda shady and many have a “scene” that’s just not for me.

My one complaint is that I can’t just open the menu online and then have what I want right then. There is some coordinating involved, we have to work around my schedule and theirs, and sometimes it’s a matter of days before we get it together. I have to admit that it’s usually my schedule that mucks it up.

Reviewed 2/4/15 by: BDDESIGN

Amazing, unparalleled quality meds…

Just placed my 4th order with SBJ, and they never cease to amaze me. buds look fantastic (just like in the photos. what you see is what you get) everything comes in a jar, no baggies here (unless its freebies) nothing is prepacked either. everything comes in nice glass jars, but i prefer to transfer into air-tight mason jars to keep moisture a little longer. you can peel off the stickers that come on the jars, and they fit perfectly on the lid for a mason jar. I’ve been to over 20 dispensaries, and since day one ordering from SBJ, this has been my go to place. consistently surpassed my expectations. this is in a league of its own. Its very clean feeling. Christian is always super responsive to emails, communication is always a pleasure. i’ve had emails responded in less than 10 minutes, so no complaints there. :p He’s always willing to share upcoming strains, and suggestions that meet my needs, and hes always really nice. The driver, Sadie, is really friendly as well. She bakes the edibles, and theyre amazing! the pumpkin spice cookie i got was one of the best cookies i’ve ever had, medicinal or not. love you guys!

I live in San Francisco, so if you’re like me you’ll probably have to wait. regardless of wait time, its well worth it. i think Sadie makes 2-3 trips to the city per week, but she is always willing to meet at a designated spot in half moon bay, which is usually what i do.

Ordered the Cherry Conspiracy Kush (I/S)-
Covered in trichombs, quite sticky. smell is like lemon lime, fruit, sour, pine, fuely, watermelon (in order of appearance). Taste is very cherry and fruity. made for a nice air freshener :D. its a very heavy indica. It literally feels heavy too, gravity is lonely and it’s begging for attention. haha! Dont plan on doing much. it truely is the perfect medicine before going to bed. Even with a good indica, i’ll be up until about 2am, but i smoked some around 830pm, and by 11 i was dozing off, being dragged into the unconscious. this is the most effective sleep medicine ive had to date (Thanks, Christian. excellent suggestion!) I’m thinking about ordering more. 5/5*

Reviewed 12/12/14 by: MARISACAT


Where to start…. I knew right away when I landed on the SBJ pages at Sticky Guides and began emailing with Christian, that this was going to be a fit for me. Look at the resplendent reviews. Full of utterly justified praise. And I concur with them all…

This is new for me, just since October and with little experience with MJ, medicinal or otherwise… but unfortunately long, long experience with pain and all that comes with it….
Went to a very nice, very popular SF dispensary the first and second month… everything was fine, and I liked what I bought but it was clear as well I could find better. And I did…

The Shatter Coconut Oil: it IS “a perfect medicine”, and as I increase the amount that I put in hot tea or coffee, it reaches further into the intractable pain. The 3 oz size is somehow bigger than I had imagined, the wonderful little glass jar with an easy-to-use top sits right by the stove in my kitchen..

Warm Blanket Tincture: Again, compared to say Alta California tinctures, the amount dispensed for the same price is [amazingly!] generous, it is strong and highly palatable. Frankly, another “perfect medicine”…

Exfoliating Bar: I got the small size of the Cucumber Lime scent. This is WONDERFUL. With so many skin irritations from anxiety, from meds… etc., this is FANTASTIC. On the third day, I took a leap of faith, worked up a lather on my hands and used it on my face… which for about 50 years has had nothing but top of the line European facial – milky, creamy – cleansers used on it…. The result was amazing. Even toned skin, calm, reduced redness. I recommend the exfoliating bar, no reservations. AND I am looking forward to Topicals that may be forthcoming. BRAVO.

The first delivery included a lovely big pumpkin spice cookie as an added seasonal treat and I slowly ate it thru the night. Excellent… good flavor, no whiff or aftertaste of the medicine, killed a surprising amount of pain and reduced anxiety, all by itself…

Sadie is fantastic. Accommodating her demanding schedule is fine with me… She kept me updated, called when running over, called when coming closer to me… I am happy to accommodate Sadie and SBJ.

Christian … a comfort all on his own. I feel I can ask either of them, both, what I need to and my long term plan is to try a vapor method. Their shatters look like I drifted into a gallery at MoMA. Truly.

Here is what I liken SBJ and Christian and Sadie to…. a busy day at Hermes in Paris, when they have too many people shopping on the main floor, they simply lock the street door. But the door has been unlocked for me.

I cannot praise SBJ and Sadie and Christian enough. “Rock star medicine”…. that description gets a resounding “Second” from me.

Marisacat, 12/12/13

Reviewed 11/7/14 by: GREEN2BROWN

Best I’ve Found In Over 100 Tries.

I’ve been medicating for a myriad of gastrointestinal symptoms and depression for about 5 years now and I’ve tried over 100 dispensaries throughout CA. About 3 years ago I found a Sherman Oaks dispensary that became my “standard” and until now I had yet to find anything to compare. But SBJ takes the cake. With my first purchase I selected a good sampling of meds, 5 strains and 2 shatters. One word sums it up: WOW. Here’s a little bit about the strains I’ve tried so far…

Flowers: All flowers are organically grown. The difference is quite apparent in the high, the smoothness of the smoke, and the scent and taste of the flower. The high is pure. That’s the only way I can describe it. Try it and you’ll immediately understand. The smoke/vapor is significantly smoother than that of any other bud I’ve tried. The flavor is so full that it’s like tasting cannabis again for the first time.

The Baby Poo is a phenomenal hybrid. Very unique scent and flavor – I’d describe it as a sweet skunk. The high immediately hits the head with an uplifted sensation and euphoria. Then the body high creeps in over the 5-10 minutes to come, leaving the user very relaxed and calm but without a couch lock effect. Perfect early evening medication.

The Strawberry Frost OG Kush is a strong nighttime indica. The scent is sweet with a hint of strawberry and the flavor, while mostly an earthy taste, has a hint of the same. The high overtakes the body and while it didn’t couch lock me, I definitely preferred sitting. Once I got in bed and my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. I really love this indica because it fully medicates my stomach, helps greatly with insomnia, but isn’t too heavy that it can keep you down if you have to do a few last minute things before hitting the sack.

The Sugar Punch is a very unique sativa unlike any I’ve tried previously. The flower has a nice dark green color with bits of purple, but when ground it reveals A LOT of purple. Very pretty flower. The high is an interesting one. I’d describe the head high as optimistic. I didn’t notice a strong euphoria like you get with some sativas, nor did I find myself laughing or noticeably energized. Rather, I became VERY alert and focused with a general “feel good” mindset. I felt like I could accomplish a lot and just had an overall pleasant feeling. Also interesting was the body buzz. It’s not a typical body high. No weight, some GI relief, but a definite warmth surrounding my body like an external aura. Really a cool strain to check out. It just makes you feel… good.

The Tazmanian Devil is one of the best sativas I’ve had the pleasure of trying. The flower is filled with orange hairs and has a wild look to it. The scent and flavor were a bit lacking – slight hint of citrus but I’ve tasted and smelled much better. The high is really where this strain flourishes, which is great since I think it’s safe to say that’s what matter’s most. Taz has a great, energizing daytime high that let’s you feel like you can just keep going and going. It’s incredibly uplifting and gave me the desire to get on my feet outside. For someone who struggles with fatigue, this would be my top recommendation out of the strains I’ve tried from SBJ.

The Wonka’s Bubblicious is the ideal hybrid: euphoric, uplifting head high with a calming, pain killing effect on the body without any sedation. This is a great daytime med for anyone with physical pain or discomfort or a great anytime med for anyone who suffers from depression or anxiety. The flower itself has a sweet bubblegum scent as the name indicates and it has an even stronger bubblegum flavor. While most flowers have more subtle flavors better suited for the mmj connoisseur, this bubblegum flavor is easily noticed even by novice users.

Shatters: Both shatters are transparent and amber in color, almost golden when held to the light. Both are completely organic, made with everclear (grain alcohol). These are STRONG concentrates. My average dab has been about .04g and it is more than sufficient.

Amethyst Haze. A cross of Amethyst, Tazmanian Devil, and Baby Poo. This shatter does everything a medicinal or recreational user could want. It sends your mind soaring into euphoria with fits of laughter and a sense of well-being and it sends a soft warmth throughout the body. In smaller amounts (<.025) this is an unbelievable medication for depression, pain, or lack of appetite. In larger amounts (>.025) this can take you to the clouds and back. Be cautious. This is as potent as it gets.

Wonka’s Pink Sapphire. A cross of Wonka’s Bubblicious and Luscious Space Bomb. This is the tastiest concentrate I’ve tried to date. It fills your mouth with the flavor of bubblegum. The high is unique and is quickly becoming one of my favorite night time meds. The head gets hit first with a similar uplifted euphoria to the Wonka’s Bubblicious flower. Then the body starts to get hit with a pressing weight. It’s not a couch lock sensation. Instead, it just feels like a heavy weight is being pressed against you, but it doesn’t control you. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s there and it makes you want to sit or lie down so your body can completely relax. And once you do sit or lie down, you’ll achieve ultimate euphoria and relaxation. It’s difficult to explain. Best to experience firsthand. I highly recommend this shatter to anyone looking for a good end-of-the-night med.

Reviewed 9/10/14 by: CHRISDUDESR

Looking for the best and I found it.

I’ve been going to club regularly that had their grand opening just a few months back. Still a great club with great meds but lately the customer service and price fluctuation has caused me to look for the next best thing. I have found it and it’s called Sweet Baby Jane! From the start, Christian has been a great help in directing me towards medicine that suit my needs. Sadie is awesome and keeps you up to date on her delivery schedule. Now the flowers, top notch. I read a review for Sweet Baby Jane before hand and a line sticks in my head and it rings true, ” Rock Star Quality”. If you want the best meds around and true organic, this is the place. The shatter’s are phenomenal! As I write this review, I am patiently waiting with a smile on my face for my next delivery where I will be trying some baked goods. I’m sure I will not be disappointed.

Reviewed 6/14/14 by: BACKONTHEREEF

Sweet Baby Comes Through!!!!

I was planning on visiting a friend in pacifica and wanted some top quality clones to take back home. I made contact with SBJ and reserved some GSC teens. They stayed in contact via email and I asked for a random teen and a few random grams last minute. I ended up with the GSC teens and a Candy Bomb teen. The grams were composed of muskberry … babypoo and bubbliscious. Very dank – obviously soil grown and taste off the charts. Berry and sweetness to the max. I bought several grams of ‘cup winners’ at elemental wellness and some top shelf at Imedz…. the product from SBJ was on a different level for sure.

The clones results are in…….

The GSC is legit and stinks up the house. The scent is most like an OG x durban. The candy bomb was a real surprise – frosty and sweet beyond description. Sugar water? The genetics were top knotch – thanks SBJ!

Reviewed 10/29/13 by: ELTECHSF

Always makes my day to receive my order from SBJ

Just got another order delivered and I’m anxious to get home to try the shatter Coconut oil this evening. Been a blessing to have the delivery on the Peninsula where most dispensaries won’t go. I haven’t had one order where I didn’t benefit from the flowers. Can’t say thank you enough for the great service as well.

Reviewed 10/22/13 by: SEANC

Great shatters (great in omicron pen).

I got a gram of the tangerine cream soda and a gram of pandora – both in shatter – and have since finished them off but I wanted to come back and drop a review because there may be others like me that have had problems with the omicron.

I preordered the omicron v2 so I’ve had it for a while, but I had problems with the carts leaking and also getting smokey hits that didn’t feel all that healthy. I few months ago I finally got around to ordering some more carts and tried the pandora and tang cream soda shatters. I was blown away and I think I’m finally using the omicron to its full potential. There are no leaking issues and I’m getting big, flavorful “vapor” hits that don’t leave me coughing up a lung. I think it’s a testament to the quality of shatters that sbj puts out.

Reviewed 7/22/13 by: TMURPHY

A most effective caregivers in the bay!

I have went to this dispensary for over 6 months and have become a devout fan and now go nowhere else. The vibe of everything about this place from order to final experience is like nothing I have experienced. It is very small like your favorite gourmet restaurant and the menu is also similar to fine dining. Exotic custom medicines that you cannot get anywhere else as these guys create everything in house. The menu changes every month and you cannot go wrong with anything as everything I have gotten from flowers to concentrates (all natural shatters!) to edibles has been mind blowing. I highly suggest their shatter coconut oil, any of the shatters and wonkas bubbilicious flowers of course! Will be back and suggest this place to any connoisseurs that want only the very best from true caring artisans.

Reviewed 6/19/13 by: GOODVBS

Great Products and Service!

LOVE LOVE LOVE SBJ!! Excellent products and Fantastic Customer Service. I recommend SBJ to everyone looking for quality service and medication. Prices are a little high (no pun intended) but well worth it! You won’t be dissapointed with SBJ!
Very Satisified Customer 🙂

Reviewed 3/7/13 by: FELIXDCAT

Amazing People, Amazing Medicine.

I am very glad I found this collective. The quality of the medicine is off the charts as is the quality of service. As the flowers are all very rare and unfamiliar initially, it would be difficult to choose if it weren’t for the the fact that they are very on top of what medical condition I am treating and reccomend accordingly. Some I liked better than others but all were spot on in treating my anxiety/bipolar disorder. This should be the benchmark of how a patient/caregiver relationship should be.
Delivery is very discreet. All meds are in glass containers so odor is never an issue. It literally takes less than a minute and the driver is on her way. For safety/ liability reasons she will not enter your home. This has not proved to be an issue for me. Nothing is ever said that would indicate to a neighbor in the hallway what is being delivered. What I like is that she instead calls me after and gives me info, tips, answers questions. Also I know I can always call or email any questions I have with a very quick response time. Its also been my experience that there are free samples thrown in when I order. Its pretty amazing to have the person who actually creates the edibles deliver them as well. On request they will make custom edibles…yes thats right, if the pb cups aren’t strong enough for you they will make them stronger(not reccomended :). Thank you so much Sweet Baby Jane.

Reviewed 11/5/12 by: POWERCODE

Rare Rock Star Quality Medication.

I’m a little hesitant to write this review, but not for the reasons you might think. I don’t want to share. I don’t want too many people to know about this resource, as I don’t know if the owners will be able to keep up with demand once word spreads.

This is NOT domino’s, deliveries can take longer than expected to reach you. The person who delivers your meds is also one of the people who prepares them. These people grow your medicine, and are VERY caring in their customers satisfaction and needs. If you have any questions, they take the extra time to go over what meds are available, and again when you receive your order.

If you do not consider yourself a snob who seeks out the best wine/beer, food, or cannabis, you might be happier with a larger dispensary. I highly recommend Vapor Room (they also deliver in SF) and Sparc. There are others that I have heard are good as well.

Now that’s out of the way, let me recommend to you what I consider the best dispensary available, delivering RARE & Rock Star quality meds.

Sweet Baby Jane just goes far above and beyond what they are capable of doing for a couple of reasons… they are small, owner operated, and cater to the more discriminating tastes.

I really did not know what the difference, or if there was any benefit between Hydroponic and Organic. I learned pretty fast between deliveries from Sweet Baby Jane when I picked up my meds at the Vapor Room (which I still like, and HIGHLY recommend).

The smoke and flavor is really THE huge difference. I don’t know if I can accurately articulate it. I’ve had the same strain (Vortex) from both Sparc and SBJ. What is missing is like trying to describe the difference between tasting food when you’re sick with a cold or a flu, and the same food when you’re feeling fine.

Favorites are but not limited to: Baby Poo (consider it a dark beer, in it’s taste and body in smoke, more like a cheese when vaporized), Wonka’s Bubbalicious, ANY of their “bomb” varieties (from space, tiny, to the incredible Candy bomb), Girl Scout Cookies are unusual, and smell like a mildly flour (as in the baking flour) baked good. Power Kush really packs a serious punch, and Sugar Punch is an awesome bedtime smoke.

It’s as if the joys of the candy store from youth and the medical needs of adulthood have come together here under the wizardry of the growers. There’s a lot of science involved, it’s not just luck.

So, if you want something special, or you just think your meds can be better, I’d suggest signing up and placing an order with SBJ.

I’m almost leaving out the most important part. The flowers (buds) are not just the only thing worth getting here. The edibles are GREAT, I’m in love with their peanut butter cups, the gelato was tasty and powerful. The concentrates at SBJ are not to be missed if you need something stronger. Exotic and Wow are all I can really say here, something I haven’t tried a lot of, but if you’re looking for concentrates to smoke, this is the place.

If in doubt, just tell them (and I would recommend doing this regardless of where you are), what you need help with (pain, sleep, etc), and Christian will match you up with meds that will do the job and then some.

Last but not least, give plenty of time for SBJ to deliver to your door. Any sort of traffic delay, or extra time spent with a patient talking about the order will ripple through the rest of the day, and it’s going to happen. So, be an adult, plan ahead, have a backup (Vapor Room delivers too, Medithrive does too from what I understand), and you won’t look back.

Reviewed 6/8/12 by: ERLJONES

Sweeet Baby Jane.

SBJ Organics is one of my favorite dispensaries in San Francisco. The flowers that come out of this place are out of control, there is no way to describe it. Only the best. All organic, super amazing quality. Consistently better than any other dispensary I go to. You need to check out the peanut butter cups, mindblowing and gourmet chocolate (a step apart from the rest). Always make sure to ask what’s new and you won’t be pointed wrong. The first time I ordered from this place I realized they were a level ahead of the rest. Everything, and I mean everything from these folks comes in GLASS. That’s what I’m talking about. The concentrates always with a sheet of parchment paper underneath them so they don’t stick to the glass. If you’re reading this and thinking about making the call, do it, seriously, do it right now.

Reviewed 6/4/12 by: PAMYSF

Best Dispensary in the Bay Area!

I have tried medicine from just about very dispensary in the Bay Area. After the first delivery from SBJ Organics, I have not been any where else. Every single item I have tried (flower and concentrate) has exceeded all expectations. You know that they care about everything they sell. Christian is knowldgeable and extremely helpful. Deliveries are set up around my schedule and I am always notified prior to arrival. Don’t bother to go anywhere else! Thanks SBJ!

Reviewed 5/29/12 by: ACROWLEY

The best kept secret in the Bay

I recently moved down to LA to do battle in the film business. I grew up in the bay though and come back often to visit the family. Last weekend I was referred to these guys and although I had to wait a day to connect with them, I was very, very pleasantly surprised. It was like going back in time and dealing directly with the alchemist at the apothecary (even their bottles and packaging have this touch). That or like dealing directly with the farmer at a small family farm. EIther explains the custom feel that SBJ represents. It is truly just a different kind of experience as they are making the medicine, not just selling it. There is pride and love here and it is seen in ever aspect of their service. I happily suggest to any of my bay friends (even my mom!) that they experience SBJ Organics. (Life is not the same without their shatter.) Very, Very Satisfied!!!

Reviewed 5/11/12 by: TOGSHOG

Better than Amsterdam!!!!

When I discovered this dispensary I did have second thoughts at first because of the price was a little pricey. But being a true goumet of the finer things in life I have found overall that you get what you pay for. This is 100% accurate when it comes to SBJ’s for I have never found finer medications than the one from this dispensary. I have been all over this planet we call home and have had medicines from here in California to South Korea and every place in between here an there. I would have no problem refering anyone here who also appreciate the finest of the fine.

Reviewed 5/8/12 by: GHOSTFACE

Amazing! The best shatter in the world.

Hands down, I receive the best customer service from these awesome people. All the flowers I have received are picture perfect, and the concentrates are in a class all its own. I ate one of the peanut butter cups, and I have no idea what happened. That delicious treat wrecked me, in the best possible way. The shatter is so amazing, words cannot describe it. You can feel the love and time that goes into each shatter. So far I have tried 3 of the shatters(just got 4 new ones, thanks!!!), and every single one has such a unique taste and high. Don’t trip on the price. The shatter is so powerful, very little is needed. Thanks for everything ladies and gents!

Reviewed 5/3/12 by: MRGRINCH1981

Best. Dispensary. Ever.

These guys are the best. They have exotic strains that are the best I’ve ever smoked. I live a decent amount away from them but it’s always worth the trip. So much so I won’t buy anything from where I live anymore. The workers are the best. I have nothing but extremely positive things to say about SBJ. Always curteous, always punctual, and always extremely knowledgable about the meds. I love Baby Jane I can’t get it off my brain.

Reviewed 4/4/12 by: DREAMPOPS

Total Relief.

This is my first delivery service-specific experience/review of an organic dispensary and it certainly was an interesting one, let’s break it down, shall we?:

Medicine quality: 5 Stars – I have a back injury from skiing and recurring pain in my hands from skateboard accidents. I ordered a bunch of potent Peanut Butter cup brownies from them and my god are they delicious and boy do they do the trick. You will be feeling great (50/50 indica, sativa blend) and they are worth the money. I also got a couple of grams of their Plushberry and Baby Poo (indica dominant) bud and they threw in some concentrate (I’ve never tried any before!). I got so elevated, relaxed and became completely pain free. Great weekend spent in the sun spent day-dreaming and thinking life was perfect. Incredible bud. Maybe the best I’ve ever had since I lived in Denmark and smoked a lot more.

Accessibility: 4 Stars – They are based in Montara, CA and the driver, Sadie, drives all around Highway 1 and 92 usually within like a 20 mile radius and will meet you at certain landmarks, like New Leaf in Half Moon Bay, making the process convenient and chill. I am actually picking up today and they told me they would be headed over my way so I just literally have to leave my door and drive down the hill. Great service.

Staff/Atmosphere: 5 Stars – Christian, the main guy from what I can tell, at SBJ is a nice guy and was very accommodating for a growing order (I ordered $140 of bud and PB cups but changed it a couple of times). The driver, sadie, was super sweet and honest and I didn’t feel awkwarded out or anything like you do with other services sometimes.

Overall, I had a great experience and I plan on being a returning customer. They seem like nice people (they are dog lovers and foster parents of a load of pooches! how gnarly can they be?) and the medicine is damn good. Recommended.

Reviewed 2/12/12 by: MADMAX420

AMAZING Collective

SBJ organics are just what the doctor ordered!! Very friendly and helpful. Willing to listen to the patients and turn that feedback into amazing meds!!
Ive been able to try everything from the kief to the current batch of flowers and also the Medibles are just as amazing as the rest of this collective’s meds.
see ya next time ;-)!!

Reviewed 1/22/12 by: TREX420

Helpful, knowledgeable staff + great medicinals.

I love these guys. They are so helpful and caring. Everything is organic so I feel really good about treating myself with these wonderful medicinals. I tried some of their bubbilicious and it is delicious! This is the best bud I have ever tasted. Sweet and ever-changing. Like sipping a good wine and it made me feel so happy and relaxed. I put in another order and am waiting on their next batch. Yes, I like this place.

Reviewed 1/8/12 by: SANDYD

My new crush, SBJ Organics!

Hey P215 community. Checked this place out that just opened. Found them on StickyG and liked that they did only in-house organic. Been looking for good top shelf organic rare strains and this place specializes in just that. Got verified on their site and had a delivery to my apartment within 2 hrs (they are small keep in mind). The meds came in these cute little custom glass containers with their heart logo on top. I felt the compassion and beyond the kind service of the lovely driver and staff I spoke to on the phone, the meds were just what I’ve been looking for. Everything is always organic and they have some crazy strains on their schedule like Grinspoon, Apollo 13 and Girl Scout Cookies (gotta love ’em). Thanks SBJ! I will be back!